Do You Want Outdoor Exercise Equipment for a Backyard?

Going outdoors is an enjoyable activity and a good way to refresh your mind and body. After working for several hours in an office, it’s good for you to take a walk outside and breath some fresh air. While you’re at it, you could spend a bit of time getting some exercise. Walking itself is an exercise, but you can also do heavier exercises like running or even strength training.

It’s normal for people to do their exercise in a gym inside a building. But there are groups of people who prefer to do exercise outside among nature. If you don’t have an available park equipped with exercise equipment, you can make one yourself. Here are a few things you ought to notice if you’re making outdoor exercise equipment for a backyard.

First, use materials that are not expensive or that have a low financial value. Using cheap and almost worthless items prevents people with bad intentions from stealing your equipment! This consideration might not enter your mind at first, but you ought to give it serious thought. Inexpensive materials can come in the form of large rocks or tree logs that are heavy to move. If you are not going to be using it for a while, store the material in a safe place or corner where it is hard to see.

Second, use materials that are easy to move around. Large rocks or tree logs aren’t easy to move, but for your other equipment it’s good to use light or portable material. Light materials are easy to move when you have a rainy day so your equipment doesn’t get wet. During night time, you can move your equipment into your garage to keep them safe. These equipment are easy to store in your car should you want to move your exercise to another area or to join a local workout community. Examples of equipment that are portable include tires that are great for working out and also ropes that you can use for various exercises.

Third, you can opt to make your own workout equipment. The good thing about outdoor exercise equipment is that you can build it yourself. There are various household items you can transform into exercise equipment that are as good as the ones you buy from the store. Some examples of exercise equipment that you can make from everyday items include pull-up bars from pipes and weights from water bottles filled with water. You can make a homemade pull-up bar by fitting pipes together and placing them on a support beam that is strong enough to carry your weight. Water bottles are easy to create and you can start from small bottles filled with water before moving on to large ones filled with sand or rock for heavy weights.

Creating homemade equipment means you also have to make sure they are safe to use so you don’t end up injuring yourself. This option is available to you if you have the time to make them yourself. If you prefer to buy your equipment, you can browse your local store for affordable equipment or browse online to find the best free weights. Pull up bars are one of the most affordable pieces of workout equipment, so it should be easy for you to find one that fits within your budget.

Here is a video by Jason from that explains how to create your own homemade free standing pull-up bar. Watch the following video to learn how to make a pull-up bar from steel plumber’s piping that costs as low as a third of equipment you buy from stores:

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