Study Reveals Walks in Nature Help for Stress Reduction

When an individual gets too far from a natural surrounding, dangerous health issues start to occur. In today’s modern society where there is a high amount of pressure and work done in man-made places, there is also a high amount of diseases and unhappiness that occurs. In order to combat this situation, it’s worth considering putting to work a healthy habit such as walking in nature.

As reported by, a study published in the Ecopsychology journal examined the effects of outdoor walking groups on an individual’s mental, emotional, and social well-being. The study worked with 1,900 individuals who participated in a walking program.

The study reveals that:

Group walks in nature were associated with significantly lower depression, perceived stress, and negative affect, as well as enhanced positive affect and mental well-being.

In addition, nature-based group walks appear to mitigate the effects of stressful life events on perceived stress and negative affect while synergizing with physical activity to improve positive affect and mental well-being.

This study means that when you take a walk in nature with your friends, you reduce the level of stress you feel. You also get the benefit of lowering your depression level due to the social-bonding activities of a group walk. Eliminating stress and depression doubles the effectiveness of boosting your mental well-being and making you feel happier than before.

It’s no secret that taking a nice slow walk through a forest or other green natural area has many health benefits. The first is that you lower your stress hormone levels, also known as your cortisol levels. A second benefit you get is a boost in your immune system and raising the amount of good blood proteins that can defend your body from cancer cells.

As stated in the health guide Old School New Body (or the Spanish version Rejuvenece tu Cuerpo), another benefit is you give your lungs a chance to breathe fresh air. When you stay inside a closed room for too long, you start breathing in carbon dioxide from other people’s breathing. This situation can result in various mental, emotional, and physical health issues. Taking a break to take a walk in nature is a guaranteed way to refresh your respiratory system and energize you.

If you are under mental and emotional stress, your physical health will suffer. Even though you may feel alright being inside a room all the time, you may not feel like you want to exercise. Taking a walk outdoors in nature is a good way to clear your mind and free stress. It can also get you in the mood to do more exercises. Follow this guide if you want to get more benefits from doing stress reducing activities.

Of course, you don’t always have access to a wide-open field or mountain terrain. If not, you can still rejuvenate your body by taking a walk in a park close to your home or office, or in your backyard, or anywhere where there are green leaves and trees and open spaces with fresh air. There are normally park areas surrounding office buildings so you can take advantage of that and walk there.

As the study shows, taking a walk in nature, especially in a group setting, can make you healthy and feel happy. Knowing the major benefits you get, it’s a good thing to try and fit in a walk in nature in your schedule this weekend or do it as soon as you can.

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