How to Grow Kale Indoors the Easy Way

Building a green environment for your home can be done both outside and inside. You can grow plants in your garden or indoors using certain equipment. Indoor gardening is trending up nowadays because people live in apartments and don’t have backyards but still want a green home. Let’s talk about how to grow plants indoors, […]

Fun and Safe Yoga Poses For Pregnant Beginners

Yoga is a great exercise you can do to stay healthy. You can do it indoors or outdoors in your backyard or a public park. Yoga is beneficial for anyone who does it, but it has special benefits for pregnant woman. What are the yoga poses for pregnant beginners you can do? As a beginner […]

Four Easy Organic Breakfast Food Ideas

It can be difficult to decide what to make for breakfast, but it’s also incredibly important to make sure that you start off the day with a full stomach so that you don’t wind up with your blood sugar crashing by noon. Otherwise, you may wind up cranky and unable to concentrate. Consider whipping up […]

Study Reveals Walks in Nature Help for Stress Reduction

When an individual gets too far from a natural surrounding, dangerous health issues start to occur. In today’s modern society where there is a high amount of pressure and work done in man-made places, there is also a high amount of diseases and unhappiness that occurs. In order to combat this situation, it’s worth considering […]

Do You Want Outdoor Exercise Equipment for a Backyard?

Going outdoors is an enjoyable activity and a good way to refresh your mind and body. After working for several hours in an office, it’s good for you to take a walk outside and breath some fresh air. While you’re at it, you could spend a bit of time getting some exercise. Walking itself is […]

The Forest Project Green Movement

The Forest Project aims to help increase awareness about the issues currently troubling our environment. We publish literature and art on the topic of these issues. Any proceeds made from our published work will be donated to various institutions that further help to prevent the spreading of environmental problems. We will release news about our […]